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Why Hire a ˹ŵ˾app® Charterholder?

You want to recruit employees that represent the best in the investment management industry—employees who are highly skilled and who are bound by the highest ethical standards.

Why Hire a ˹ŵ˾app Charterholder

Let's Build a Better World for Investing

There are many reasons why leaders across the investment industry trust their firms’ futures to ˹ŵ˾app® charterholders.

  • Earning the ˹ŵ˾app® charter is a highly selective process. Fewer than one in five candidates become a ˹ŵ˾app charterholder.
  • It takes an average of 1,000+ hours of rigorous study, along with four years of professional experience and successful completion of the ˹ŵ˾app® Program exam, to earn the distinction of being called a Chartered Financial Analyst®
  • All ˹ŵ˾app charterholders are required to annually attest to their compliance with the ˹ŵ˾app Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct
  • The ˹ŵ˾app® credential is the professional standard of choice for more than 31,000 investment firms worldwide. 

Learn how the ˹ŵ˾app® Program can benefit your organization.

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    Build a better world for investing. 

Find Top Talent

The ˹ŵ˾app Institute Career Center connects employers and recruiters with investment management professionals who, through their association with ˹ŵ˾app Institute, signal a commitment to the profession and the attainment of relevant work experience. You can select from a variety of talent recruitment packages.
  • certificate icon Gain exclusive access to a vetted talent pool

    You'll have access to the ˹ŵ˾app Institute network of members, ˹ŵ˾app charterholders, and ˹ŵ˾app Program candidates. 

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    Our resume database allows you to source applicants and build a talent pipeline.

  • globe icon Reach a global audience

    You can post positions to our global job board while also being featured at the local level on our member societies' websites.

You can hire people with an MBA, but you don't necessarily know that one MBA is the same as another MBA. If you hire investment professionals with a ˹ŵ˾app designation, you absolutely have confidence at the level of qualification.

Jenny Johnson, Franklin Templeton, COO/President